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Consulting Services

The Neil Medical Group Clinical Team stands ready to assist your community with the clinical, regulatory, and cost-containment challenges of caring for today's long-term care resident. Members of our highly qualified staff of pharmacists and nurses have received many accolades, certifications, and post-graduate trainings including:
  • Anticoagulation Certifications
  • American Society of Consultant Pharmacists Clinical Traineeships
  • Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialists (BCPS)
  • Board Certified Geriatric Pharmacists (BCGP)
  • Certified Intrinsic Coaches, Health & Wellness
  • Diabetes Certifications
  • Fellows of the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (FASCP)
  • Post-graduate Pharmacy Residency Training Programs
  • School of Pharmacy Faculty Appointments

Neil Medical Group Consultants possess a wealth of diverse practice experiences including long-term care consulting, long-term care pharmacy operations, hospital pharmacy, community pharmacy, clinic pharmacy, Hospice pharmacy, infusion pharmacy, pharmaceutical sales, infusion nursing, ICU nursing, nursing case management, and SNF nursing. The Neil Medical Group Clinical Team offers the experience, expertise, and professionalism necessary to serve as an integral part of your long-term care facility's interdisciplinary team.

What we do

Neil Medical Group recognizes that each long-term care community is unique. With that in mind the Neil Medical Group Clinical Team can customize services to meet each client facility's specific needs. Our services include:

Controlled Substance Audits/Drug Storage Inspections
  • Successful facilities develop systems to ensure that medications documentation and storage conditions are optimal. During the Medication Regimen Review visit your Neil Medical Group Consultant Pharmacist assesses the status of your systems and provides regular reports to notify you of potentially deficient practices. Need more extensive auditing? No problem! The Neil Medical Group Consultant Pharmacists, Consultant Nurses, and Quality Assurance team are available to provide the support you need.

  • Antipsychotic/Psychopharmacological Drug Utilization Initiatives
    • The Centers for Medicare and Medicare Services (CMS), The Office of the Inspector General (OIG), The American Medical Directors Association (AMDA) have all recently called for enhanced efforts to reduce antipsychotic utilization in long term care residents. Your Neil Medical Group Consultant Pharmacist supports these efforts through provision of educational programs for family and staff members, participation in multidisciplinary team meetings, and monitoring of drug utilization.

    • Family Night Participation
      • Placing a loved one in a long-term care facility can leave families with many questions.Allow us to help. Neil Medical Group pharmacists are available to participate in your facility's Family Night Programs. We offer short presentations for the non-health care provider on Medications and Dementia, Medicare Part D, Immunizations, and other topics of interest.

      • Intravenous infusion training/Dermoclysis training
        • Long-term care residents can be very clinically complex. In many cases, however, residents can be managed in the facility rather than transported to an acute care setting. Neil Medical Group Consultant Nurses are available to provide infusion training to your staff so that they can confidently meet the needs of the complex resident.

        • In-service Education
          • Ongoing training is an essential component of any successful team. Neil Medical Group pharmacists and nurses have developed over 60 in-services to help meet the needs of your staff. Have a special need not addressed by one of our in-services? Let us know and we'll customize drug-therapy related training for your staff.

          • Medication Cost-containment analysis
            • Neil Medical Group offers competitive pricing for your resident's prescribed medications. Effective cost containment, however, extends beyond the drug pricing structure. Neil Medical Group pharmacists identify trends in high cost drug utilization and discuss the use of effective, lower cost medications with prescribers and facility staff.

            • Medication Pass Observations
              • Consultant pharmacists observe the medication pass during each medication regimen review visit. Findings are discussed on-site and written reports are provided detailing the clinician's observations. Need more help? Simply ask your Neil Medical Group consultant to schedule in-service training, additional medication pass observations, or even a "Train-the-Trainer" session to help prepare your administrative staff to conduct effective medication pass audits.

              • Medication Regimen Review
                • Neil Medical Group Consultant Pharmacists are well-versed in both the clinical and regulatory considerations of the Medication Regimen Review process. Each review offers an opportunity to improve medication efficacy, reduce the potential for medication misadventures (errors, side effects, etc.), and assist the facility in maintaining regulatory compliance.

                • The Neil Medical Group Educational Summit
                  • Each Summer Neil Medical Group hosts The Educational Summit. This two day event provides continuing education credits for nurses and nursing home administrators. Using a combination of local and nationally recognized speakers, The Educational Summit provides the latest administrative, clinical, and regulatory information for the long-term care provider.

                  • PharmNotes, the bimonthly newsletter
                    • Edited by a consultant pharmacist from the Neil Medical Group Clinical Team, PharmNotes, has provided readers with timely updates on pharmacy-related topics of interest for over 15 years. Become a Neil Medical Group client and receive the latest copies sent directly to your facility.

                    • Policy & Procedure Updates
                      • Effective facility risk management requires the use of easy to follow and regularly updated policies and procedures. The Neil Medical Group Clinical Team reviews and updates The Pharmacy Policy & Procedure Manual and Infusion Manual on an ongoing basis. Customized for your facility's specific state regulations, The Manuals provide the guidance your staff can rely upon.

                      • Quality Assurance Meeting presentations
                        • Neil Medical Group Consultant pharmacists attend facility Quality Assurance meetings. In addition to providing facility-specific reporting of pharmacy findings, Neil Medical Group Consultant Pharmacists present an extensive overview of pertinent news from the medical literature.

                        • Pre-Survey Support
                          • The surveyors are coming. Are you ready?

                          • The Neil Medical Group Clinical Team has developed a skilled nursing facility pre-survey readiness tool. This easy to use guide can help facilities identify potential areas of drug-related vulnerability before the surveyors arrive.

                            Survey Support
                            • The surveyors are here. What now?

                            • Neil MedicalGroup Consultant Pharmacists and Nurses are available to provide survey support by telephone and/or on-site depending on your preferences.

                              . . . And much more!