Pharmacy Services Division

The Pharmacy Services Division of Neil Medical Group offers a complete package of services to meet the varied, dynamic and growing needs of today's health care providers.

Medical/Surgical Division

Neil Medical Group is a leading regional supplier serving the healthcare industry. Comprehensive product selection and customized services make us the distributor of choice for customers throughout the Southeast.

"Part B" Billing Division

For our Long Term Care customers, our Billing Services Division, "B-Med", offers billing solutions for your Medicare Part B eligible patients and their supplies.

We understand your needs, we understand your goals and we understand your challenges.

Today's health care providers are faced with one of the fastest changing market places in the world. Patients, physicians and payer sources are all looking for value, cost containment and support. As technology changes, you need to be assured that you are kept on the cutting edge.

Meeting those needs is the goal behind Neil Medical Group and our various divisions; Pharmacy Services, "Part B" Billing Services, IV Therapy and Medical/Surgical Distribution.

The traditional roles of providers are rapidly changing. Long term care centers are now providing more and more short-term rehabilitation and now offering extensive sub acute care services.

Why us for Pharmacy Services?

At Neil Medical Group we strive to exceed the expectations of our customers. With over 30 years of experience partnering with long term care facilities, we offer a variety of pharmacy services in order to do just that. We know that every community is unique and that every resident has special needs. By creating a customized pharmacy package in each community we partner with we are able to have a positive impact on the residents we service.

Medical Supply Selection

With over 4,000 products in stock, and access to thousands more, Neil Medical Group's Medical/Surgical Division can cover all of your product needs. We offer same day shipping on most orders and provide greater than 98% fill rates. Knowledgeable and friendly customer service representatives and experienced AMS accredited sales professionals are all ready to assist you.


"Neil Medical has always come through for us with finding all type of items that we have needed. Mark follows through with every request that you ask of him. The best medical supply company that I have dealt with in my twenty years at Roman Eagle."

Cheryl Motley, DON - Roman Eagle